Sunday, October 7, 2012


So, Maile just brought to my attention that she reads my blog. She goes, "Cait, you should add stuff to your blog. I'm sick of reading the same stuff over and over." Huh. Who knew. So, she is sitting next to me in our hotel bed, making me add more stuff to my blog. So this post is a tribute to Maile.

Funny story about Maile. Our family came up to Utah for conference this weekend. They picked me up in Vegas, then we stopped in Cedar, then went up to Salt Lake. I hadn't even been in the car with them for 3 hours, when my mom discovered that the windows on the side of the van we rented "go up and down!" (the windows on the side of my parents' van are not powered, and do not go up and down.) Maile said, "The ones in our van do too, Mom." Mom said, "No, they don't." And Maile said, "You just gotta stick your finger in real deep and push the thing!" She was actually talking about the window on the passenger's side door that is broken, and you need to stick your finger in the hole and "push the thing." Well, Kendric, Aleigha, Dad, and I immediately started cracking up until someone yelled, "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" And Maile rolled her eyes and said, "oh my goodness I didn't mean it like that." She actually did. She makes TWSS jokes more than anyone in the family. Besides Dad. Maile is funny.

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    That makes me think of Maile. I can't believe how big she is getting. So crazy. In my head she's still 4 years old.